Six years ago, I ran for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. I felt called to take action because of the divisive politics of my opponent at that time and because of the need to improve our courts. I am running again, and while my opponent in this year’s general election is not yet known, the problems confronting Alabama’s courts have only worsened. 

Over the past several years, we have seen the rise of politicians who have tried to divide us rather than bring us together. A judge must be above that, however. A judge must not see the world as "us” and “them.” Judicial decisions must never be based on who you are, what your ideology is, or what political party you belong to. Judges must follow the rule of law. In short, a judge must be there for everyone.

As head of the entire court system of Alabama, the Chief Justice in particular must be a representative and ambassador for everyone. In deciding to enter the race this year, I will seek the support of all Alabamians. There are many good people – Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike – who share my concerns and who simply want a reasonable and fair-minded Chief Justice who will focus on the real problems we face. Focusing on such problems, and rising above partisan squabbles, will be my commitment as your Chief Justice.

This commitment is especially important now. With the countless political scandals we’ve had, the people of Alabama have lost faith in their political representatives.  The courts of Alabama must always serve as halls of true justice, to defend the rule of law without taint of corruption or scandal. For that reason, it is crucial that the Chief Justice be seen as a symbol of honesty and integrity.

As Chief Justice, I will always focus on protecting Alabama’s courts and on confronting our challenges. I will work with many people on the Alabama Supreme Court and in the entire court system, in the state legislature, and in law enforcement. My commitment as Chief Justice will be to focus on the real needs of our courts, and to seek lasting partnerships with all others who share my concerns and my desire to move forward.

This is why I’m running. I ask you for your vote.